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Athletic Development

As youth participation in organized sports continues to rise, so too has the increased incidence of systemic overuse injuries and burnout. We have a long-term strategy for developing better overall athletes. This process starts with our systematic approach to evaluating all athletes through a movement analysis and performance test. We then build the framework around the athletes’ testing and goals.

Programming begins with targeted mobility and rehearsed basic movement patterns. Then we progress to agility movement skills centering around acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. Finally, we enter the power development phase to include advanced deceleration and power output.
Speed is the most important component to athletic success. Every training session will include sprint training to increase maximal linear speed.

We always end with some form of conditioning to build a robust cardiovascular system which supports the metabolic demands of the athlete’s sport.

A long-term commitment to physical literacy, proper training to improve athleticism, and sport skill development is vital to produce optimal athletic potential. Proper training and athletic development require time and consistent commitment. It’s never too early to get started.